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To keep you and your children occupied for a while, we have decided to put together a selection of resources...starting with our Great Easter Brownie Bake Off

It's pretty simple. Download our classic brownie recipe below, make the brownies with your Easter twist - you could decorate them, add flavourings, cut them into Easter shapes....anything! The key is to be creative! Make something we would love to eat. Take a photo of your delightful creations, write up your recipe & send it to us at info@loveliesdelights.com. 

A panel of experts (us) will choose a winner. The winner of our competition will see their Easter brownie added to our Easter cake menu, special named after them & a Lovelies Delights baking goody bag - to be collected from our shop in Mold once we reopen.

So what are you waiting for? Get baking and you could see '(insert your name here)'s brownie' in Lovelies Delights soon.

Don't forget to include the name and age of the applicant - please write this clearly at the bottom of your recipe. Entries need to reach us by Friday 17th April.


Terms & Conditions:

* Competition is open to all children ages 3-12

​* One entry per child

* While assistance from an adult when baking and writing up is needed, the bake & recipe write up must be completed by the child

* Prize cannot be exchanged for any monetary value 

​* The prize must be collected from Lovelies Delights shop once reopen

* Entries are not valid from any Lovelies Delights team member or family